Squibb Group
Gasgoigne Estate , Barking
Value £360,000
Allscaff provided access scaffolding for the demolition of 2 x 17 storey tower blocks ,
Squibb Group
Colville Estate , Hackney
Value £146,000
Allscaff provided access scaffolding for a 14 story tower block and several smaller blocks on the estate
Primus Build
Hamilton Terrace , Maida Vale
Value £107,000
This project was the refurbishment of one property and new build of a property in available space , this was high end residential and Allscaff erected full access scaffold and new build scaffolds for all work areas including temporary roofs
Kaefer Ltd
Kingsnorth Powerstation
Value £76,000
Allscaff provided asbestos trained scaffold operatives to assist Kaefers own work force on the asbestos package they was carrying out for Brown & Mason
Goldfinch Developments Ltd / HDS 
Tunbridge Wells
Value £85,000
Allscaff provided access for this new build nursing home , originally for HDS but due to the contractors failure the remaining package was continued on for new client Goldfinch , scaffold was progressive with an attendance of 3 operatives on site
Cuffe PLC / HDS
Potters Bar
Value £95,000
Originally on site for HDs , the contract was taken over by CUFFE due to the previous companies failure , new build scaffolding erected for nursing home construction
Buxton Building
Value £117,000
New build RC frame construction , full scaffold provided and adapted for all trades
Lamborn Contracts
Cabell Street , Edgware
Value £72,000
High end residential refurbishment , Allscaff provided scaffolding for re decoration works
Hepatology Unit , Brixton
Value £68,000
New build medical facility constructed from steel frame , Allscaff provided scaffolding access for this project
Mullally & Co
Family Mosaic Contract
Value £200,000 ongoing
Allscaff provide 2 teams on a yearly basis erecting scaffolding for Mullaleys refurb contract with Family Mosaic